The Shattered Staff

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The Beginning

We met up in a tavern. Isn’t that how adventures always start? King Aran of Arandale had publicly requested the aid of a group of adventurers, and fancy that… four of us gathered in Seawell. The small town was only a few miles from Arandale, and I figured it’d be the best area to collect information and replenish my supplies. Apparently, the three others shared that thought. I first met Archmonde, the tiefling paladin. He had a darkness to him that was both magnetic yet frightening. He stood silently as I tried to peel information from him. Another soon entered the tavern, the rough-and-tumble barbarian named Thorn. She claimed she was human, but from all the filth smudged on her face, you’d be hard-pressed to tell. Finally, there was Louis. He seemed pleasant enough, especially for a half-orc, who in my studies I have learned to be quite contentious. While in the tavern, an older man approached us. He introduced himself as the mayor of Seawell. I speculate he perceived us as adventurers, and he pleaded for our help. Apparently, ships had been disappearing and failing to make their deliveries to Seawell’s docks. The town was remarkable for its prosperous trading. I knew we had to do something, even though Archmonde and Thorn were hesitant.
“We’re here to collect the reward from Arandale. Any time spent doing this cuts into the time we could be spending making big bucks,” exclaimed Thorn.
“I agree with the barbarian,” said Archmonde.
After a bit of coaxing from the mayor, we traveled by ship to the lighthouse. We heard from the mayor that the Kojar family resided in the lighthouse, and that it would be best to question them about the occurrences. When we arrived at the lighthouse, we found it had been demolished. Mirval Kojar, his wife Stenna, and their two sons Mirval Jr. and Kolin were all slain, their bodies decaying near the entrance. I haven’t seen many deceased beings in my lifetime, but Archmonde immediately knew that they’d been killed days earlier. We searched the rest of the lighthouse and found nothing until we went to the top of the structure and noticed a dim light in the horizon. We decided to travel to the east to investigate further. We discovered that a group of bandits had created a bonfire to emulate the lighthouse’s burning flame. With the lighthouse gone, ships would sail right into the pirates’ camp, where they’d kill the sailors and loot the goods.
There was dissension in our group: Louis wanted to take his ship straight down to this makeshift lighthouse. Archmonde and Thorn didn’t think it was a good idea, and I had to agree with them. Louis stormed off on his boat, leaving the three of us to devise a plan.
Archmonde and Thorn had an idea to pose as fellow pirates to infiltrate the group and dismantle it from the inside. They strode up to the group of bandits while I stayed behind, hiding near the bushes.
“We have come to join you,” said Archmonde.
The leader of the pirates, Erqua, did not seem impressed with the pair. She shrugged off their invitations to join her. When they didn’t leave, she began her threats. I noticed Louis walking towards the pyre that the bandits had built. He wanted to push it over in attempt to get the pirates attention. Thorn got Louis’ attention with a pebble, and he ceased his plan. The trio withdrew from the bandits and joined me in the bushes.
We decided to wait overnight. Archmonde was silent as I tried to find out more about them. Thorn revealed she had been the black sheep of a group of amazons. Louis said that he was bored of his bland lifestyle residing in the forest with his mother. We each took turns watching for the pirates during the night.
The next day, we saw the pirates had split their numbers. We decided to confront a stray band who had been on lookout. Louis was able to shoot one with his arrows, while Thorn, Archmonde, and I all went after the other one. I’m guessing we felt an adrenaline rush after beating the pirates, we just went for Erqua soon after that.
The bandits soon noticed that we were gunning for them, and they assembled in the campsite. Strangely, they were afraid of us. We kept our distance, as we knew the bandits had bows if we got too close.
“Let’s just kill them all,” Archmonde said, rushing into the campsite. Blood drenched his armor as he sheathed his sword into the bellies of several of the pirates. Thorn ran behind him, using her glaive to slice down the enemies. I was hesitant… these were all misguided souls. I thought maybe they could be reasoned with.
While Louis continued shooting the pirates in the skull, I made my way towards Erqua.
“If we just talk about this, maybe we can be friends,” I said. She said nothing.
Suddenly, I felt a nip of frost whisper at my bones. Erqua was casting a spell on me! I mustered up the psychic strength in my mind, connecting mine to hers. A psychic scream pierced her brain, shutting it down. I didn’t want to kill her, but she left me no choice.
Louis, Archmonde, and Thorn finished off Erqua’s first-mate, Svingal, along with the rest of the grunts.
“We did it,” Louis laughed.
I looked around and saw nothing but bodies piled around the campsite. We went to the tower and extinguished the flames. Although I was mournful, I felt accomplished. We traveled back to Seawell and told the mayor that the pirates would no longer cause problems for him or the trading ships. He gave us some gold for our troubles. It wasn’t necessary in my opinion, but it was appreciated. The four of us looked at each other. We didn’t really know what to say, but we knew we’d be traveling to Arandale together to answer the king’s pleas.

When we arrived at Arrandale, the city was bustling. There were numerous shops set up, villagers singing and laughing. It felt nice to be in such a warm environment. We traveled to the castle, where the guard constructs greeted us. They were frightfully large, but they allowed us to enter to speak to the king.
“Ah, you must be adventurers who are here to fulfill my request,” King Aran said.
We admitted our intent, which spurned King Aran to test us as a group. He was having trouble with the water supply and wanted us to investigate the sewers. He introduced to us his court wizard’s apprentice, Nebulous. It was nice to see an eladrin, as I have not seen one since I left the Feywild. Nebulous was to accompany us into the sewers, lest we get lost.
We made haste to the sewers, where we were immediately confronted by a group of goblins, along with a handful of bats. After disposing of our enemies, we contemplated: why are there goblins in Arandale’s sewers? And why were they drinking their sewer water?
“There’s something suspicious about that King Aran,” Louis said. I couldn’t help but agree with the ranger.
“I can vouch for King Aran. As long as I’ve served him, he’s been nothing but generous and kind,” said Nebulous.
We decided to travel further into the sewers, although the path had split off. Nebulous eventually abandoned the group to return to King Aran and inform him of what we had discovered so far. As we traveled down each corridor, we found nothing but more goblins. Although Thorn spoke the goblin language, she informed us that they were not babbling anything coherent. After traveling through the winding tunnels of the sewers, we found the leader of the goblins: a goblin hexer. We tried to find anything out from the hexer, but he was unwilling to tell us why he was in the sewers. In the ensuing battle, Thorn noticed a treasure chest near the hexer. She selfishly abandoned the battle in an attempt to retrieve the treasure inside, but she didn’t realize it was a trap. The goblin hexer, in his dying breath, laughed as Thorn was engulfed with sharp, metal spikes. Inside the box laid a pair of mystical gloves. Thorn slipped into unconsciousness, and I tried to make my way over to her, but there were too many goblins. After we were able to dispose of the last of the goblins, I was worried it was too late. Louis and Archmonde helped Thorn out of the spikes and Archmonde was able to heal her before she was too far gone.
Thorn, apologetic, gave the mystical gloves to Archmonde.
“You guys aren’t as bad as I thought,” she said between sobs.
As we went to leave, we noticed a glowing light on the ground. It seemed like a portal of some sort.
“Maybe the goblins used this to get here?” I asked.
Louis and Archmonde immediately attacked the glowing light, destroying the portal.
We helped Thorn back to the castle, where King Aran was delighted to see we had survived the test. Our joy was short-lived, however, as Thorn informed us that she was too injured to continue on with us. She would stay at the infirmary until fully healed, then do some self-searching. I could tell it hurt her pride to tell us this. She limped out of the room, her head hanging low.

King Aran wasn’t pleased when he heard Thorn was no longer in our company. He told us he had contacted someone who could be useful to our group, but she was in Guelder. He needed us to retrieve her. As we started leaving, he informed us Nebulous would travel with us. He also gave us a mystical gem, which he said could be used for teleportation only twice. Once to Guelder, and once back. Archmonde, Louis, and I knew we had to make haste, so we used the teleportation crystal and found ourselves on the outskirts of a desserted town.
“This place is freaky,” said Louis.
“I don’t hear anything,” I said.
We walked further until we finally saw a hint of life. A woman had stumbled out of her house, screaming. Behind her was a shadowy figure. I didn’t know what to do… I suppose I froze. I turned to Louis, who immediately had an arrow pointing at the creature. The arrow pierced its skull and it fell backwards.
“Praise Pelor, you saved me! We must make it to the town hall, that’s where everyone is,” the woman said. But as she got closer to us, she gasped. “Wait, you’re not humans! You must be with the zombies!” She ran away before we could get anymore information from her.
We knew we had to make it to the town hall, as our new associate would most likely be there. However, we took some time to explore. Louis checked the woman’s house and found some rope.
When we headed over to the main building, we heard many moans and groans. They were zombies. A herd of the zombies were clawing at the windows and doors of what we assumed was the town hall. At closer inspection, I noticed that the zombies had bunched together in a circle, eating something. It was the woman who had run away from us before. Poor thing.
“We can take them,” Archmonde said, readying his greatsword.
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” I said. I knew zombies were creations of evil, and would rip any of us apart if it could.
Suddenly, we noticed a child standing on the roof of the building.
“Hey, there’s lots of people in here! You guys have to get in here,” she shouted. The zombies were clawing more furiously at the building. I noticed the child wasn’t a child at all, but rather a halfling woman.
We discussed our plan briefly, then realized we had to climb up onto the house next to the town hall’s roof. We did so, and jumped our way onto the town hall’s roof. I almost fell down, but Archmonde was able to catch my arms and pull me up.
“I’m Rowena Thorngage,” the halfling said. “King Aran told you about me, right? You’re here to get me?”
We all nodded, and soon went down into the town hall, away from the noise of gutteral groans. There were about a dozen civilians inside the building, and several rushed up to us as we walked down the steps.
“More heroes!”
“Praise Pelor!”
“Are you bit? Did you get bit?”
They bombarded us with questions and statements, though I could tell a few of them were less than pleased to see us. One civilian, a woman in leather armor, seemed to be in charge of the group.
“My name is Rona. I’m a member of the Guelder Elite Militia, along with Exard over there,” she said, indicating a man cowering in the corner. She told us that things were normal that day, until a zombie attacked the innkeeper. Afterwards, hundreds of zombies started appearing, eating all of the townspeople. And once someone is bit by a zombie, he or she becomes one.
While Rona was speaking, I noticed one of the young men, Placio, pacing anxiously around the room. Suddenly, he spoke: “Did you see Tishie out there? Oh, Gods… I told her to wait at the house. I didn’t think it would be that dangerous. She’s dead, isn’t she?”
He started screaming hysterically. One of the women tried to calm him down, but he pushed her aside and ran for the door. Before we knew it, he had the door wide open and was grabbed by the zombies. They tore him apart while he screamed. Nebulous immediately ran for the door and slammed it shut before any of the zombies could get inside.
Archmonde, Rowena, and Nebulous tried to get more information from the townsfolk, while Louis noticed an elderly woman lying on a sofa in the back room.
“Oh, dear… I hurt myself while escaping from those… things. My leg… I think it’s broken,” the old woman, Thilda, said.
I felt so sorry for the poor woman. She told us she was saved by the barmaid, Cornelia, and not the priestess of Pelor, Frina. Nebulous inspected her leg, ensuring there were no bite marks. While Rona assembled the group to travel to the Guelder Cave to find the githzerai who had likely been the cause of this, I decided to stay behind and try to heal Thilda with my curative song.
The group was undecided as to how they should leave the building. Nebulous then came up with the idea to create a diversion. He went to the rooftop and started blasting the zombies with fire. Archmonde, Rowena, Louis, and Rona ran out the door. I watched from the window as several zombies lumbered after them. Suddenly, Rowena was attacked from the side, and a zombie grabbed onto her. She was saved by Archmonde, who proceeded to aid Nebulous in getting down from the roof. They ran out of the village, and I couldn’t help but feel a little sad as I saw my allies for what could’ve been the final time.
As Archmonde, Louis, Rowena, Nebulous, and Rona traveled to the Guelder Cave, they were confronted by a cave bear. The group easily took care of the bear, which allowed them access to the cave.
It was a dark cave, though Louis came prepared with sunrods. They found a few zombies spread sparsely throughout the cave, but what caught Rowena’s attention most was the shimmering gem at the end of a chasm.
“I wonder how deep this hole is,” Rowena asked.
She decided to throw a stick down and see if she heard anything. She didn’t, which made her hesitate before jumping over the pit. Being a rogue, she clearly desired the gem, so she decided to make the jump. She and Nebulous both jumped over the pit, where they heard shuffling from the walls.
“S-Spiders?” said Rowena. “I don’t do spiders!”
She jumped back over the pit, leaving Nebulous, who had jumped over but missed, hanging on the edge.
“Oh, give me a break,” said Louis. He decided to get the gem for himself, and jumped over. He was greeted by two deathjump spiders, who hissed at his intrusion. While Louis was distracted by the spiders, Rowenna jumped over, grabbing the gem and running away. Nebulous used his eladrin powers to teleport away from the spiders. Louis tried to stand his ground, but also had to flee.
While the group fought the spiders, Archmonde and Rona made their way to another side of the cave. There, they found Greth, a githzerai necromancer, along with several of his zombie minions.
“Who are you?” asked Greth.
Rona immediately went into attack mode. She knew Greth was responsible for the deaths of many of her family and friends, and she wanted justice.
Greth disregarded Rona and spoke to Archmonde.
“They’ll never accept us non-humans. The people of Guelder are bigots and deserve every pinch of pain they get. Don’t you agree?”
Archmonde was hesitant… He certainly agreed with much that Greth was saying, but was he truly willing to allow for a slaughter of civilians? Not to mention that I was still in Guelder!
“If you let the bard live, I may consider it,” said Archmonde.
Louis, Nebulous, and Rowena made their way to the others.
“You’re in no position to be giving orders,” Greth laughed. Suddenly, his zombies started attacking the group. Rona immediately attacked, but was grappled by one of the zombies, who then bit off part of her neck. Louis shot at the zombies, while Nebulous engulfed them in flames. Greth laughed at the insolence of the group, then used his githzerai magic to shoot beams of flame, frost, and darkness at Nebulous, Louis, and Archmonde, respectively. The adventurers were getting weaker and weaker with each attack, and the zombies just kept coming. Even Rona had been turned into one of the undead. Finally, Archmonde grabbed Greth by the throat, choking the life out of him.
Between gasps, Greth pleaded for his life. “I’ll get rid of all the zombies!”
Archmonde hesitated, searching Greth’s face for the truth. In that moment, Louis shot Greth from behind, the arrow piercing Greth’s skull. Greth fell to the floor, dead.
Each of the zombies suddenly lost any form of life, falling to the ground like their master.
The adventurers returned to Guelder, where they found the civilians thankful for their actions. I was ecstatic to see all of them had made it back except for poor Rona. Thilda was fully healed, and she couldn’t stop talking about how I’d be perfect for her grandson. I don’t know what that means.
The group wanted to know who was in charge of Guelder so they could get rewarded. I thought it was a bit selfish, but it was mainly Rowena, who I could tell had a gleam in her eye for money. The priestess, Frina, told us that she wouldn’t give us a dime, since we’re all nonhumans. Archmonde, Louis, and Rowena were outraged, but before they could do any damage, I forced Nebulous to use the gem that sent us back to Arandale.

Once we returned to the king, he was eager to get started. We met Nebulous’ mentor, the court wizard Zohar. He told us about a map leading to pieces of a powerful, mystical staff of Gomorrah. The staff, he said, would be able to defend against the invading army that was plotting to raid Arandale. Zohar used his magical tools to teleport us to a marshy area, but warned us that we would be unable to use our magical abilities. We met our guide, Begonia, who King Aran hired to help show us the way to the map. However, Begonia seemed pretty clueless, and we had trouble finding our way around the swamp.
We eventually came to an older lizardman searching for plants for his sickly daughter. He spoke in an accent that I haven’t heard in my travels, and told us not to cross the lake to the east. Ever suspicious, we traveled to the lake. Begonia volunteered to fly across to a large tree in the middle. She discovered words, but wasn’t able to read them. We decided we had to get across that lake.
The six of us returned to the lizardman and pressed him further. He had mentioned before that he owned a boat, and we wanted to borrow it.
“Now, y’all ain’t takin’ mah boat for free,” he said. “It’ll cost ya 300 gold.”
We were taken aback by his greed. I even offered to help him search for the plants needed to cure his daughter. He shiftily refused my offer, declaring that she’d be all right.
At my snapping point, I threatened the lizardman. Archmonde joined me, which was good because I don’t think he felt any sense of danger from my raised fists. The lizardman groaned and went to retrieve his boat. We had Begonia follow him just to be sure he wasn’t up to trouble.
When he returned, we were off. The boat was only able to hold two, so Archmonde ferried Nebulous and Rowena across first. Rowena had to sit on Nebulous’ lap. When they reached the island, Archmonde dropped the pair off and headed back. Unfortunately, he was ambushed by a giant crocodile. It grabbed onto its leg and wouldn’t let go. I wanted to help him, but I remembered what Zohar said about our magic not working.
“We have to do something,” I said.
I have to hand it to Begonia, for even though we had just met, she immediately flew over to Archmonde and tried scrapping with the croc. The creature didn’t even notice her, though. Archmonde eventually broke free and, with help from Rowena and Louis, killed the beast. The crocodile’s body fell back into the lake, and we saw ripples in the water as a swarm of crocodiles began devouring it. Archmonde quickly scooped me up in the boat and we traveled to the tree without further interference.
Louis, having grown impatient I suppose, decided to make a jump for the island. Rowena, Archmonde, Begonia and I all told him how foolish his idea was, but he tried it anyway. He managed to make it close to the island, I’ll hand him that. But he fell in regardless. Archmonde helped him up and he had boils all over his body. Begonia shook her head in disapproval and I could tell that she and I were on the same page.
When we approached the tree, we saw that it presented us with a riddle: “It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it you’ll die.”
“Nothing,” Louis said, picking at his boils.
Suddenly, the tree started moving, opening a crevice that led down. My eyes squinted in disbelief. Louis had actually gotten the riddle right.
“Well, who wants to go first?” asked Rowena.
“I’ll go first,” said Louis.
He immediately grabbed the rope and started making his way down. After a few feet, he lost his grip and fell to the ground. We all rolled our eyes.
“I’m okay,” he groaned.
One by one, we each went down the hole. Archmonde first, then Rowena, then me, and finally Nebulous. Nebulous was the only one to fall just like Louis, but Archmonde tried to catch him. It didn’t work.
The room we were in was dark, but we heard stirring about. We told Louis to quit his groaning. Then we saw an old man behind a row of bars.
“Please, help me,” he croaked.
He looked emaciated, and he held his hand out to us. He told us his story — he was a slave for The Order, keepers of the map to the staff. He was imprisoned there when he was a young man, and longed to return to his wife and family.
“How did you survive this long without food?” I asked.
“I don’t know… Agents of the Order come here once in a while to perform magical spells, I suppose that’s how they keep me alive,” he said.
Something seemed strange about the old man. He pointed to two holes with shimmering objects inside. One, he said, was a gem to restore our magic. The other was the key to unlock his cage.
“Please, you can only choose one. Save me from this horror,” he groaned.
We turned to talk for a moment. I wanted to save the old man, even if I didn’t believe him completely. Nobody deserved that punishment. Archmonde wanted to kill him and put him out of his misery. Rowena thought we should interrogate him about the map. While we were discussing the old man, Nebulous went for the magical gem. He desperately wanted his magic back.
We heard a loud bang. We turned to see Nebulous collapsed on the ground. The gem was a rouse; he had been pricked with a paralysis poison. The old man threw his hands up and cackled.
“You fools,” he laughed. His face suddenly lost its wrinkles and he looked like a handsome, 25 year old man. “You really think The Order is going to let you get the map to the staff? For a bunch of world conquerors, you all aren’t very intelligent. I bet you even believed that myth about not being able to use your magic.” He turned and a wall opened in front of him. The smell of cooked meat filled the room. “Normally, we only get one or two. I mean, who wants to share the world after you dominate it, right? But a whole bundle of you! Hah, the wolves are going to have quite the feast. As will I.” The wall closed behind him.
“Oh great, now what are we going to do?” asked Rowena.
We heard barking from the distance.
Louis, for some reason I will never know, went towards the other hole and placed his hand on the key. He was filled with a sharp poison himself, and he collapsed, just as Nebulous had. Great, we were down two adventurers before the battle even began.
Archmonde braced himself and Rowena readied her slingshot. A wall opened and in rushed four vicious, undead wolves.
Two of them immediately ran towards Archmonde. Maybe his shiny armor caught their attention. They tried to bite at him, but he kept them at bay. Rowena started pelting the closest wolf to her with some bolts. Before we knew it, she had killed off one of the wolves. One of the wolves attacked me, and Begonia helped me dispose of it. When Nebulous and Louis awoke, they immediately joined in the battle. But the wolves went down fast, turning into mush after they were slain.
After the wolves had been disposed of, we regrouped and traveled further into the underground temple. We eventually came to a room with a pedestal with four slots, four jewels in the corner, and several tombs. We knew the four jewels would need to fit in the pedestal in a specific order, so we had Begonia fly over and test it out. I was weary, as the tombs that surrounded looked a bit menacing. We all argued over the order of the jewels, and eventually we agreed on ruby, emerald, diamond, sapphire.
We were wrong. Out of the tombs lurched two skeletons that were bent on our destruction. Archmonde, Louis, and Rowena immediately started fighting the undead warriors, while Nebulous, Begonia, and I tried to figure out the rest of the puzzle. We placed the jewels in another order. When we turned around, we saw four more tombs had opened, and two skeletons and two zombies stepped out. I went to help Archmonde and the others as the struggled with the monsters, while Nebulous and Begonia took care of the jewels. When they were finally in the proper order, Nebulous joined in the battle.
The skeletons and zombies didn’t put up much of a fight, and we had them down in no time. We were so busy fighting the creatures that we didn’t even notice that a door had opened behind the pedestal. We stepped inside, but the darkness enveloped us. I grabbed onto Archmonde’s armor as he led us through the dark tunnels. Begonia was injured from the fight with the skeletons, so she couldn’t use her pixie light to guide our way. Eventually we came to a treasure chest.
“Let’s open it,” Louis said.
“Wait, remember what happened to Thorn?” I was very skeptical of opening the treasure chest after our former companion Thorn had been nearly killed by a trap.
Louis scoffed and immediately went to open the chest. Inside was a few bits of gold which we split amongst ourselves. I was surprised Louis didn’t just run off with the gold himself, but it was only about 20 pieces. We traveled back into the darkness, around the winding tunnels.
We finally found light, but not the kind of light I had hoped for. We stumbled right into a small room with six skeletons, two of whom were on fire. They raised their swords and immediately rushed towards us.
Rowena had taken shelter behind one of the bigger allies, using her knife to sneak attack any skeletons she could. Louis wasn’t doing very well… without significant room, he wasn’t able to use his bow to his full potential. Nebulous was our saving grace, blasting the fiery skeletons with shards of ice.
After a few of the skeletons had been taken out, we really started feeling fatigued. Louis and Rowena were both wounded, Nebulous was exhausted from his powers, and I could tell something wasn’t right with Archmonde as he battled the blazing skeletons. A sense of fear, I think.
I rallied the adventurers behind myself and Archmonde. Even though he was afraid, I could tell Archmonde was fighting as fiercely as he could. Using a tune I call the song of the new dawn, I beamed radiance with my music. The skeletons were no more.
We rested for a few moments while the others regained their composure. I could tell a few of them were getting worried. Maybe they thought finding the map to the Staff of Gomorrah wasn’t worth giving up their lives. I wondered that myself.
After our rest, we returned to the dark tunnel. Luckily, we were able to find our way out quickly after that. A nook led us to a lit chamber, where the map laid on yet another pedestal.
“It might be a trap,” I warned.
“No way, the map is right here,” Rowena said, grabbing hold of the parchment. In a flash, she was gone. The rest of us crinkled our brows and stared at each other. Archmonde stepped forward, placing his hands on the map. Soon, he was gone too. I followed quickly behind, and Begonia, Nebulous, and Louis joined us.
We hit the ground pretty hard. As we stood up, we were in yet another chamber. This one was much larger than the tight corridors of the dark maze, but it was still quite a tight fit, with no doors in eyesight. A cloaked man stood before us.
“You seek the Staff of Gomorrah? You are all fools if you think you are deserving of such power. Do you realize what the staff is capable of? It can destroy the universe with just a blink of an eye. No… You are not worthy of the staff. Your end has come, travelers!”
The old man vanished, and in his place appeared a large, hovering dragon. Its white skin was blinding, even in the darkness. It opened its mouth and suddenly, all we saw was frost engulf us.
Quickly, we spread out. Nebulous was injured during the initial attack, but he made it to the corner of the room. Louis followed him, making his way behind the dragon so he could shoot from afar. Rowena and I crept to the dragon’s sides, while Archmonde stood in front of it, challenging the dragon himself.
We continued attacking the dragon with all our might, even though a few of us were dangerously close to death. At one point, I looked over and saw Louis, bruised and bloodied, using what little strength he had to shoot his arrows at the beast. Nebulous, too, kept fumbling around, slouched forward as he used his spells. For a moment, I thought all of them would die and leave me to face the dragon alone. What would I be able to do against a dragon?
As I second guessed myself, Louis’s final arrow pierced the dragon’s skull. It screamed, then exploded, leaving nothing but bits of dragon over the room. As we looked closer, we saw a piece of paper lying on the ground near the dragon’s remains. Upon further inspection, Nebulous concluded we would need someone more powerful with magic than he to see it: Zohar. Rowena searched the room for a way out, and managed to find a small crevice that led to a staircase. We each made our way up, except for Louis, who fell back down into the room.
When we reached the top, we realized we were on an island still in the swamp. Begonia sniffed the air.
“It feels like the magic barrier that was in the swamp is now gone,” she said.
“Awesome! Now we can use the teleportation rock Zohar gave us,” said Rowena.
The stone glimmered, then we closed our eyes as teleported back to Arandale.


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